New Build

Started uploading photographic archive of cities to

Manchester band Citizen

Shot in our studio, then in our car park. 5D mk2 with Canon 45 T-SE 2.8

Mr Porter at Westfield, London

Mr Porter interior designed by Studiofibre5D mk2 and the 17 - 40L.

Nero at media city

In rehearsal with dub step pioneers Nero who were commissioned by the BBC Philharmonic and BBC Radio 1. The duo have been working alongside composer Joe Duddell to create a new piece for the the BBC Philharmonic at the opening of Media City Manchester.

Ripped circus posters, Abruzzo

Take away

Canon 5dmk2

we are willow part 1

Photo-shoot for Chris Butler's 'we are willow' in a forest somewhere in Stafford.


Mancunian way flyover

Shot using the Canon TS 45

Piccolino cookbook

My son Jai acting as hand model for the forth coming Piccolino cookbook.

James at the Manchester Evening News Arena

Commissioned to shoot the james gig for the composer Joe Duddell who was collaborating with the band for the Manchester tour dates.


We are starting work on a new film about Studio Fibre who designed Net-A-Porter's head office in London. This was taken last year for Studio Fibre using a 5D mk2 and the 17 - 40L. The offices redefine the workplace - loads of open space, transparent meeting rooms and circular booths which act as meeting points.