Joe's super heroes

Feel like I've been on the road for months - when I woke up this morning in my own bed Joe had his super heroes lined up ready for a shoot. All art directed by Joe...


We recently completed a photography and video shoot for the Lazerian dog project.

This project was a collaboration between Liam Hopkins (founder of Lazerian studio, Manchester) and Richard Sweeney. The Lazerian dog mascot (nicknamed “Gerald”) was converted from a computer model into a flat layout, which was then printed onto several sheets of A1 paper. The layout was then hand cut, folded and glued to form a physical model entirely using paper. The triangular joints give the sculpture rigidity, despite the fragility of paper. A miniature, D.I.Y version of Gerald was created and has now been customised by over 100 artists from around the world. They will then travel around different galleries and events. The launch exhibition will be in New York on 16th May 2013 More can be read about the Gerald project Here


Cush Jumbo in A Doll's House at The Royal Exchange Manchester

Cush Jumbo for the Royal Exchange Theatre - we used a single softbox up close for a really simple lighting setup with the Canon 85 1.2L. Thanks to Cush Jumbo, Maxine Laing from The Royal Exchange, Lucy Patchett for great make up. The poster was designed by Barry Kinder from Track and Kern. Here's a link to the box office: http://www.royalexchange.co.uk/page.aspx?page=487

Puressence. Music for Cities.

Another video we shot and edited for Music for Cities 2012. (A few friends on different cameras - thanks everyone).


Jake Evans, Manchester Cathedral. Music for Cities 2012.

We shot and edited some of the bands and performers at Music for Cities 2012. (A few friends on different cameras - thanks everyone). Here's Jake Evans and Tim Burgess in the post below - Peter Hook and Puressence to follow soon.

Tim Burgess at Manchester Cathedral. Music for Cities 2012.


Johnny G's in Memphis, Tennessee.

Just arrived back from a 4 day shoot in Memphis - we'll post a set from the photo and video shoot soon.