Art in the Atrium. Call for contributions

Timber Wharf houses one of the finest atrium spaces in Manchester including an impressive vertical art gallery. This fabulous space is undergoing a celebratory rebirth and we are calling for contributions of artwork to replace the current Damien Hirst collection.

This is an open competition with a unifying theme of Manchester and Timber Wharf, old and new. We are seeking to acquire 14 separate artworks, this is a unique opportunity to be one of the 14 selected.

Important Dates:
July 1st Notice of Intention to Submit
July 20th Draft Submission
July 31st Exhibition of Submissions and Judging
Sept 14th Submission of Final Artwork
mid Oct Grand opening of new artwork and acknowledgement of contributors.

Further details http://www.artworktimberwharf.com
Intention to submit to info@artworktimberwharf.com