Failed By The NHS. BBC Three Monday 9th July 9.00pm

Documentary by Nine Lives Media for BBC Three. We spent a fascinating day in the Lake District with the participants for the film producing the press photography.  

Jonny Benjamin, who has schizophrenia and depression, was turned away from A&E when he was suicidal. He meets other young people with mental health problems who have also been failed by the NHS. 



Love Will Tear Us Apart performed by Peter Hook and the Light.

We shot this live for Music For Cities, Manchester. Big thanks to Paddy Gomulski on his 14mm wide in the pit, George at the back of the Cathedral on the Canon 16-35l, Paddy McGowan on the left and me on the right both using the excellent Canon 70 - 200L. Alison Surtees in the audience shooting hand held with a 50mm. All on 5Ds mk 2 and 3. Big thanks as always to Calumet Manchester who offered camera gear. Thanks to Ali Hudson for commissioning the film and managing the shoot. Edited in the early hours by Liz and Simon Pantling!