King Kong found!

King Kong by Nicholas Monro was commissioned in 1972 for The Birmingham Bull Ring Centre. As a four year old I remember passing the massive sculpture on my way to school, I was obsessed with it, I saw how exciting the city could be and later in my twenties I was inspired to study a degree in Fine Art Sculpture. Here's a shot from 1972, the sculpture was on display for only a few months.

The statue was stored away from public view for many years and at some point bought by a private individual in Penrith. Last week Liz and I were nearby in the Lake District and set out to find the sculpture, we knew it was located somewhere in Penrith. It's a big sculpture in a small town but Kong is hidden from public view, I'm sworn to secrecy by the owner but I managed to find the fantastic Gorilla in all it's glory. It'll be on display at The Henry Moore Institute in Leeds in November, here are a few images I shot with the Canon 5D mk3.